UNMASKED is not just about someone dealing with Bipolar Disorder, it’s also a story of hope. Of how a person can spiral so low but still manage to fight against the turmoil and find one’s self. It is everyone’s story of trial and tribulation, how going through the hottest of fire can make us stronger and wiser if we hold on long enough and refuse to give up.

UNMASKED now available at,,,and (please send me a PM) ^_^

6 thoughts on “More About UNMASKED

  1. Unmasked by Genevieve L.V. Villanueva is a book worth reading. I usually enjoy reading it at home when I am having my “me” time or while in transit while the bus/van/fx is not moving… I really appreciate the poems since I can very well relate to such, there are those which are comforting to read whenever I am down or depressed; there are those which perk my day up, an extra push to fulfill my goals when I feel lost; and there are poems which give me ideas how is it like having no hope, endless struggles, and what not but in the end keeping the faith to go on; it’s a sort of a “pick me up” book I guess… That it is okay to unmask your thoughts, your struggles in life, to not pretend that you’re happy when in fact you’re in despair but that at the end of the day, you pick yourself up and battle life’s challenges with faith that everything’s gonna get better. I hope that you (reading this) can grab a copy of this book. It is very handy and an excellent companion in life’s ups and downs. 😀 👍 📖

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  2. Unmasked is a book about hope. It encourages the reader to stand out of an awful event in life. There are events in life that we people can’t control and if you’re stuck in that cold and lonely place, you should read the book. The book “Unmasked” tells us how to deal with these unnecessary and sad events. It will show us how to fight these things and even encourage us that to fall means to stand and try again. True that life is about hardships, but hardships are not permanent. They even make life worth living. If Life do not have any trials with it then what it is? Can you even call it life?The book is a good one, a good read. I’m reading it during my free time. Thanks to the author for having the strength to produce such book so that other people who were and still stuck in that lonely place can come back to life and fight its challenges again.

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    • Wow! Words are not enough…thanks Mr. Benedict Manguiat for your comment/review on UNMASKED. It means a lot that my book has inspired and showed you that life is not just about trials but also hope and the promise of tomorrow.


  3. It’s a world of emotions demystified through the lens of an insider, clues decrypted by the author, puzzle unravelled piece by piece… As if opening a pandora’s box, this book attempts to unravel the depths of the now “unmasked.” From a poet to a fellow poet, Gen’s poems touched my heart and brought me to the dimension evoked per syllable, per word, per line, per stanza. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your poetry. 😘

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    • Thank you Ms. Rowena Soriano. You have no idea how much I appreciate your words, from the depths of my writer’s heart. I guess it is every writer’s dream to be able to touch a person’s life and I am glad I was able to do it with you. :*


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