My mind is everywhere right now! There’s a million and one things I want to do and I can’t organize them into top priority and least priority. I am excited to have a lot of ideas for my book, When the Heart Speaks, on the other hand, I know I have to finish my second poetry book before I even attempt to write anything on WTHS. It’s just that I have a lot of ideas already for WTHS but I can’t be scattered, I have to focus on one thing first and commit to it until the very end. That’s how I get sometimes, I start one thing then another idea gets to me and I start on that one immediately, forgetting what I was working on first. Sheesh. Any of you guys ever experienced this? Isn’t it kinda annoying? I am all for multi-tasking but sometimes my brain is so wired it gets too much. It’s like I’m on a sugar rush or caffeine jolt and I have to keep doing things. Ok, I’m just going on and on now. Haha! Oh well, until next time when I write something worth reading! Ciao!

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