Logically Yours

Sooo…now I have to be more logical – as opposed to not being logical, at all.

Just got back from a session with my psychiatrist and now that I’m not really having such bad attacks (I chalk this up to the medicine!), she tells me that my attacks are mainly connected to me not being able to fully control my emotions. As in I let it rule me. Well, I am a writer. I run on emotions. Unfortunately, that reasoning didn’t sit too well with her and now I have to practice using logic whenever I feel that my emotions are getting the best of me. Not that I have anything against logic but I have never really used it that much. Good thing my husband is more logically mature than I am so he will help me enter this new terrain. I’m just worried what it will do to my writing. But then, if I can only write when my emotions are on high I’m not that much of a writer am I? I guess we’ll see where this new thing will take me. I’ll try and make Spock proud!

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