Ghostbusters II

HBO showed the new Ghostbusters movie this afternoon and I forgot how good it was. I remember the days leading up to the showing of the film, how a lot of people were giving the film a hard time and saying how it won’t be a good movie. When my husband and I watched it in the theaters, we were pleasantly surprised though. It was funny and exhilarating and the female leads had a good chemistry. And Chris Hemsworth!

Anyway, watching the movie made me think if they were gonna do a part 2! I really hope so!!! I wanna watch more of Patty and what else the “Power of Patty” will compel. And what about Kevin? He was already figuring out the telephone, maybe he’ll be in the intermediate level of telephone use in part 2…or God help us, expert level! And what about the delivery guy, will he get a new motorcycle? And will they ever, ever get the soup to wanton ratio right? These are all pressing questions that need to be answered and a part 2 will put those questions to rest. Plus, Slimer! What will happen to the little guy? Will he make a comeback or is he forever stuck in the other world? Again, pressing questions people!!! I need answers! Part 2 please!

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