The Fancy of Spring

It’s early spring and the stirrings of the flowers can be felt as they wake up and make themselves known. Out in the garden, the sweet scent of newly mowed grass can be smelled, sending childhood memories into the senses. Of running into the backyard and playing with the dogs, splashing in the pool, and lazing in the hammock. The trees gently sway, as if saying, “Hello, come rest under our shade,” as they welcome you with all their majestic glory, each branch colored with bright hues and filled to the brim with flowers of different shapes. Their sugary smell inviting and thrilling as scenes of languid ecstasy fill the mind. The koi in the pond are swimming slowly, a sense of beckoning to partake in the joys of spring emanates from them. As these wonderful smells and scenes tease and tempt you, your hand slowly opens the latch of the door to the backyard and you go into a world of exquisite harmony, where nature and man are one and the same. You sit on a bench, taking in the scenery in front of you – of trees proud and tall, of iridescent pond and playful koi, of emerald dewy grass, and of the luxurious promise of rest the hammock is giving. Sipping your ice-cold sweet tea and your one hand opening a book, it feels like you have entered a world of magic, where calm and positivity radiates from every corner. A bee lazily buzzes about, looking for a fragrant flower as you open your book and become lost in its pages. From afar, a dog barks joyfully and comes bounding up to you, its tail wagging in recognition. It rests beside you as you gently stroke its head. Lazy afternoons in spring are a little slice of heaven, you think.

Picture: Watercolor vector created by coolvector

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