Slowing Down

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I am always in a rush. Ever since I can remember my life was always in fast forward, from eating my breakfast to going somewhere to simply just talking. Rush, rush, rush. Until I got married. For some reason, God saw it fit to give me a man who is my total opposite. Where I am always in fast forward, he is in slow motion. He has to take time with everything he is – be it eating, walking, reading, or talking. And it almost always irritates me to high heavens. Whenever he speaks I am always internally hurrying him up and stopping the urge to roll my eyes. In my head, I keep saying, “Hurry up already”. It is always that way when he eats or when we go somewhere, he takes his God given sweet time that I get so antsy. I am practically jumping on my feet already because, well, he isn’t hurrying up. For someone who’s been in a rush her whole life, it is pure torture for me to be asked to slow down just like that. I feel like all of a sudden, I have to slow down. Like in a middle of a race, someone stops me and tells me to walk instead. And honestly, it is killing me.

But stepping back and looking at it in a new and different perspective, I can see God’s wisdom in giving me someone who takes his time in everything he does. Rushing or always being in a hurry makes you forget to live in the moment. To cherish the moments you have and to just enjoy your surroundings. Rushing keeps you in a whirlwind of activity that most often than not makes you feel overwhelmed. Frankly, it isn’t really good for my mental and emotional health. In the meantime, taking things slow allows you to take a breather and know when you’re tired or burned out so you can take a rest. It gives you the luxury of time, to create more memories and to savor the moment you are in.

It is agonizing to take my time. To slow down. But I am taking it one day at a time. On days I fail to slow down and go back to speeding things up, I reflect on my day and promise to try to do better the next day. I always have to remind myself that I have to slow down or I am going to miss some crucial moments in my life. Moments that lead to sweet memories such as bonding with my family. Even something as simple as eating should be slowed down in order to savor the different flavors in the food. I did notice when I ate fast, I neglect to enjoy just how good the food is.

Rushing is never good. It overwhelms you and stresses you out. No wonder I am such a mess. Now, as I try to slow things down and take my time, I am gradually noticing a good change in me. I now enjoy my food and I now luxuriate in reading my books. There is a rich, languorous sensation in taking things slow and it is so exquisite that it is addicting. Until my old habits catch up with me, that is.

I am still in the infancy of my slowing down habit but already it’s given me the rest I so badly needed and I thank God for my husband for showing me that being slow is not bad. I revel in living my life everyday as I take try to take my time going through it. Slowing down is a habit everyone needs to learn.

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