The Wonder Years

I flit and I float as I try to balance myself in the rocks on the shiny placid lake. Above me shines the sun in a cloudless blue sky. The birds and the butterflies flutter in and out of the woods as the squirrel climbs a tree and hops from branch to branch. My cotton dress of pale orange sways with the breeze and my hair blows in my face. It is so nice to be alive and today of all days. My father has gone to the hospital to get my mother and my newborn brother while Grammie and Gramps are in the house to keep me company. I asked to be let out to play in the woods because it’s such a nice day to be cooped up inside. Isn’t it so exciting? I am a big sister now. I have been waiting for 9 months for this. At least that’s how long I needed to wait according to mommy and daddy. And in a few minutes I’m going to be meeting my baby brother. Daddy said they named him George. Such a manly name, don’t you think? My name is Gemma. It starts with a G too, as far as I can tell being only 5 years old. When I asked daddy about it, he said they gave my brother and I names that start with a G to make it look uniform and to make it feel like we really are siblings. Something that will bond us, or I think that’s what daddy said. Grown up words sometimes confuse me.

Anyway, I hear Abigail barking from the distance. Perhaps daddy is home now with mommy and George. I go back to where my shoes are and put them on as fast as I can. I run as fast as my legs allow me to. There in the distance, I can see mommy and daddy. Mommy has something on her arms. Could that be George? As I reach them, mommy smiles sweetly and bends her knees so I can see what’s in the blanket. It is George! He looks so tiny and red. And oh so cute! I maybe only 5 but I promise to be a good big sister. I will love him and take care of him and when he grows up we will play together. But for now, I am content with just cuddling him. Someday soon, he will be big and I will have a best friend. I can’t wait.

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