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In a river of tears,

with mind, body, soul

engulfed in sadness

I will wash away your loneliness

I will clean all your troubles

Love will lead you back

one day when you are ready

my arms are waiting

my heart is anticipating your return

Let your spirit fly free

up in the clouds

soaring and playing in the wind

until you rest in my bosoms

all happy and content

Come to me and let us bask in this oneness

sorrow and loneliness are all gone

all that’s left is love

be ready, don’t be afraid

unleash your soul

take what’s yours.


It is a butterfly

ever changing

evolving at will

yet beautiful as always

It can change your life

if you let it,

if you will

Hold on tight

it’s a wild ride

you’ll gloriously drown

or sometimes

just get drunk

It is painful

it is decadent

passionate, languorous

it’s a little slice of heaven

it’s what makes living


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Seemingly Strangers

We barely talk

you and I

just passing each other

never seeing

eye to eye

you have your views,

I have mine

why don’t we compromise

that’s be a start


Sometimes you upset me

at times

I disappoint you

you are your own person

I have my own thoughts

never will we agree

if we don’t calm down

just discuss,

heart to heart


Hear me out

don’t interrupt

I’ll listen to you too

together, we will see

how two hearts

can be the same

how two souls

can reconcile.

Mental Health


It is all consuming

it eats you inside out

with no hope inside

you burrow in the blankets

sadness, your only companion


No end, no beginning

it was just there

engulfing you

drowning you

in tears and doubts


Death is but a friend

soothing and calming


is that really the answer

when all you can see

is darkness?


Close your eyes

take a deep breath

lay down

take it one day at a time

the battle could be won


the war rages on


Slowly, you’ll resurface

find the strength

to fight back


as it may be

tiring as it is,

never give up on you



the one thing you need

one day

the light will come

you’ll be a better you

but until then

do what you can

to survive

do what you can

to live.

The Road

asphalt road and mountains with foggy nature landscape at sunset

You will get lost

your way, you will not find

your path will be too long

the end will be hard to find;


Doubts and fears will eat you up

anxiety will fill your head

your heart will be empty of hope

sadness will be your guide;


But you will keep going

You will walk on and stand tall

it may be a never-ending journey

but nothing ever lasts.


Fight yourself if you have to,

look for calm and breathe

the fog will eventually lift,

the mist will then part;

a new joy you will see

your mind and heart will be renewed.


Remember you are never alone

the only difference is the story

hold on and stay true

and you will see

you never did lose anything,

everything is okay.


God said


I lost hope

I lost faith

I got tired of fighting,

tired of standing


But God looked down

He stood firm

He stood tall

never give up, He said

I am with you all the way


This is just a trial,

just a challenge

life always throws curveballs

catch them and throw them back


Together we will face this

together we will win

for you are never alone,

even if sometimes it seems like you are.


To You

You are real,

you are unique

don’t let anyone say otherwise

embrace yourself


You are enough,

you are great

don’t let anyone contradict

accept yourself


You may not be perfect

you have flaws

but underneath you

is someone trying their best


Love yourself

respect yourself

you’re fighting a hard battle


no one can win it but you.

My Angel


You gave me hope

when everything

has been lost,

my heart was stone

my soul was dark

you were the light

your love was my beacon


You gave my direction

when everything was everywhere

I was lost

I was confused

you were the compass

your patience was my star


Your time

revived me

refreshed me like no other

helped me find my way

to the arms of love


You saved me

a world of turmoil

was all I knew

you brought order to chaos


the end of the tunnel I saw

like the missing piece of a puzzle

you completed me,

made me whole.

Faith of the Heart


Mountains, hills,

streams, and banks

they all block the way


keep going

keep moving,

you’ll be

pushing mountains

before you know it.


Never give up,

rest if you must;

every journey counts

every trek is worthwhile

keep the fire burning

keep the waves alive

you’ll be finished soon enough,

success will be yours

if you keep at it.


Live, love, laugh

rejoice, cry, jump

all these you will feel

all these you will know

as long as you go on

as long as you walk on

then great things will come

believe and it will be.


Trust yourself,

trust your dream

it is hard

it is painful

life always is;

don’t let it keep you down

fight with everything you’ve got

then you’ll reach your goals

then you’ll reach your star.