Ghostbusters II

HBO showed the new Ghostbusters movie this afternoon and I forgot how good it was. I remember the days leading up to the showing of the film, how a lot of people were giving the film a hard time and saying how it won’t be a good movie. When my husband and I watched it in the theaters, we were pleasantly surprised though. It was funny and exhilarating and the female leads had a good chemistry. And Chris Hemsworth!

Anyway, watching the movie made me think if they were gonna do a part 2! I really hope so!!! I wanna watch more of Patty and what else the “Power of Patty” will compel. And what about Kevin? He was already figuring out the telephone, maybe he’ll be in the intermediate level of telephone use in part 2…or God help us, expert level! And what about the delivery guy, will he get a new motorcycle? And will they ever, ever get the soup to wanton ratio right? These are all pressing questions that need to be answered and a part 2 will put those questions to rest. Plus, Slimer! What will happen to the little guy? Will he make a comeback or is he forever stuck in the other world? Again, pressing questions people!!! I need answers! Part 2 please!


Logically Yours

Sooo…now I have to be more logical – as opposed to not being logical, at all.

Just got back from a session with my psychiatrist and now that I’m not really having such bad attacks (I chalk this up to the medicine!), she tells me that my attacks are mainly connected to me not being able to fully control my emotions. As in I let it rule me. Well, I am a writer. I run on emotions. Unfortunately, that reasoning didn’t sit too well with her and now I have to practice using logic whenever I feel that my emotions are getting the best of me. Not that I have anything against logic but I have never really used it that much. Good thing my husband is more logically mature than I am so he will help me enter this new terrain. I’m just worried what it will do to my writing. But then, if I can only write when my emotions are on high I’m not that much of a writer am I? I guess we’ll see where this new thing will take me. I’ll try and make Spock proud!


My mind is everywhere right now! There’s a million and one things I want to do and I can’t organize them into top priority and least priority. I am excited to have a lot of ideas for my book, When the Heart Speaks, on the other hand, I know I have to finish my second poetry book before I even attempt to write anything on WTHS. It’s just that I have a lot of ideas already for WTHS but I can’t be scattered, I have to focus on one thing first and commit to it until the very end. That’s how I get sometimes, I start one thing then another idea gets to me and I start on that one immediately, forgetting what I was working on first. Sheesh. Any of you guys ever experienced this? Isn’t it kinda annoying? I am all for multi-tasking but sometimes my brain is so wired it gets too much. It’s like I’m on a sugar rush or caffeine jolt and I have to keep doing things. Ok, I’m just going on and on now. Haha! Oh well, until next time when I write something worth reading! Ciao!

A Writer’s Solitude


I’ve noticed that I can’t write whenever I am surrounded by everyone in my family. No, it’s not that I am distracted, it’s more that in the hustle and bustle of life in our household, I can’t find myself. I find it difficult connecting to my inner self. I guess that’s why most writer’s feel the need to be alone when they write. Blessed are those who can still write even with all the activity around them but for me and some writers, we need solitude.

Solitude, I’ve learned, helps me connect with my inner self. The one that helps with my reflective mood, the one that reaches into my soul and helps put pen into paper and come up with something. There’s something in being totally alone that triggers my reflections. It’s like I go inside myself and see the world differently, thus, think differently. I feel like I turn into a completely different person, someone with a contemplative and sensitive soul and I feel like I can write the whole day and still have a billion more to say. What’s good with about this is that, afterwards, I feel refreshed. Like I took a dip into a clear pool and emerged fresh and new. I don’t know about the others but I think solitude has helped me a lot not only with my writing but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ordering My Book from Me


Hello! Here are the steps if you are interested in purchasing UNMASKED directly from me.

Ordering is pretty easy, all you need to do is:
1. Send me a Private Message at State:
a. The quantity of books you want to order (1, 2, 3…)
b. Your full name, address, and contact number
c. If you want the book signed/autographed

2. Pay the amount at
a. EastWest Bank. Please let me know if you choose this option so I can give you my bank account details. Email me the scanned deposit slip OR
Your nearest LBC branch. Payable to Genevieve Wisen of Rodriguez Rizal. Send me a message that you already paid and the control number.

You can also pay through (

For international orders, please send me a private message letting me know of your interest in purchasing my book. Thanks.

I let all buyers know when I’m going to ship the book and give you the tracking number. I usually ship with DHL or LBC.

My Feminism

Recent changes in my life has led me to a more reflective path especially when my role instantly added one more part – that of a mom.

As a wife and mother, sacrifices are a must. Heck, it’s part of the job description! But doing those sacrifices doesn’t make me weak. No. It makes me stronger knowing that I am still whole, I am still me even if I have to give up certain things I want to do in favor of my husband’s and son’s happiness. It may not sit well with others especially the ultra feminists out there but I don’t really agree with how they define feminism.

For me, being a feminist does not mean you have to overpower men with every opportunity you get. It doesn’t mean you have to beat men into submission with everything you say and/or do. It doesn’t mean that women are better than men. My definition of feminism means being comfortable with being a woman, including all the flaws and weaknesses that go with it – embracing you for who you truly are, not who you think society wants you to be. It means accepting that sometimes women are stronger than men but sometimes we are also weaker and that is ok, especially if we do not lose our sense of self. Being a feminist in my view is being an equal to man. Never up there nor down below but always on the same level as he is – always and forever.