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To You

You are real,

you are unique

don’t let anyone say otherwise

embrace yourself


You are enough,

you are great

don’t let anyone contradict

accept yourself


You may not be perfect

you have flaws

but underneath you

is someone trying their best


Love yourself

respect yourself

you’re fighting a hard battle


no one can win it but you.

One More and I’m Done! :D

Hello everyone! I wrote a poem a week ago and it was obvious that it should go with the rest of the poems in UNMASKED. Unfortunately I had no idea where to put it as all the poems and sketches have already been seamlessly arranged that “interrupting” even one poem or sketch is going to ruin the story. Okay, I might be exaggerating but it will surely make the story feel off.

As you all know, today’s the deadline for all my revisions as my manuscript will be sent to the printers tomorrow. Thankfully, after an hour of almost pulling at my hairs and a bit of a headache I did find a place for that miscreant poem of mine. And it tied the whole story pretty well. Here’s the poem I have been talking about. I can’t wait for all of you to read the whole book, I hope you will like it ^_^

Breaking the Circle

 A moment of sanity

all is well,

then the haze


dark clouds

hover above;

a vicious cycle



This is my life,

a part of me


entirely me;

one day I know

I will

put the shattered pieces together

I will

smile, laugh, and sing once more.