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Its Own Time

Life, with its unexpected twists and turns, is a big tiring game. But, most of the times, what we initially think as wrong decisions and stupid mistakes are actually the biggest blessings in our life and the pieces eventually – at the right time – fall in the right places.

Let me tell you a story of a supposedly wrong decision but which turned out to be the right move.

My then boyfriend came back to the Philippines in 2013 to get his college degree. However, the college we chose which was supposed to be the best in the field of study my boyfriend chose which is I.T. turned out to be a total fail. Not only did they not teach well but the professors did not speak in English in supposedly English classes, leading my boyfriend not to understand a word of what they’re saying. So, we decided he should transfer schools. School number 2 was alright at first but then the same problems came up – not really teaching and not speaking in English in English classes. Once again, my boyfriend and I decided that he should transfer. Needless to say, he had to change schools 2 more times until he found a better school. What was just supposed to take 3-4 years has taken 7 years now of college education. We’ve gotten married and had a child and he’s still not done getting his college degree. Of course, my now husband has dealt with depressions and frustration because of the delays in his education. He keeps saying that he should have just stayed with the first school and somehow pushed through. But you know what? If he did that, we might probably be worse off than we are now.

First and foremost, we’d probably be settled in in Ohio since 2017, and why would that be so bad you ask? Simply because of the pandemic affecting the whole world. Yup, Covid 19. And, unfortunately, the US is one of the worst hit country and their economy is taking it badly. There’s a ton of jobless people right now there and who knows, my husband might be one of them. And with a child, he can’t afford to lose his job. And to top it off, we might become homeless because he lost his job and we can’t afford to pay either the rent or the mortgage. Given all of this is hypothetical but one can’t be sure of things and say, “Oh, we’re going to be okay.” Because life is one big soap opera and it thrives in drama.

So that’s why it’s actually a blessing in disguise that it took him so long to get his degree and we’re still here in the Philippines. At least here we’re not wanting for food and shelter.

Taking all these into perspective, it’s always a good idea to never rush things and to just go with the flow. Trust in the right timing. Trust in God He’s the one who is running our lives. He lets us make what seems to us are stupid mistakes and decisions for a reason. Sometimes, to save us from a worse fate or for us to learn life lessons that we can share with our children one day so they won’t make the same mistakes we did. Everything happens for a reason. We won’t immediately know what that reason is but in time we will. Have faith because when all else fails, faith will be the light in the dark that will give us strength to keep going on. Besides, stupid mistakes give us the biggest lessons in life, making us wiser in the long run. Trust in time. Trust in faith. Just trust. Breathe. And live.