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Chasing the Dream

Ever since I can remember I have only had one dream and one dream alone – to do nothing but write. Since graduating college, I’ve had trouble looking for work only because I sometimes did not feel like working at all as I felt that it will interfere with my writing. I actually tried to start my own magazine company to be able to do what I loved to do but it fell to the wayside as my intended business partner wasn’t that much interested. Nonetheless, I kept dreaming – of being able to write most of the time, if not all of the time.

In line with this dream, I pursued a career in the publishing world and finally landed a job as an Editorial Assistant – a dream job that let me write to my heart’s content. Unfortunately, it ended in a year since I had to go to Law school. Far, far from my dream; I know but that’s an entirely different story will go into next time. Anyway, I stopped writing for a while during my stint in Law school. Though there was a point during my stay in Law school that I was able to write a poetry book. Granted, it didn’t sell much but I was ecstatic. Sure, I had doubts if I was really meant to be a writer but I secretly held on to my dream. Stubbornly, you may say.

I know being a writer doesn’t pay much but I don’t really live for the money, necessary as it is. I live more for my passion for writing. The writing that lights my soul to blazes and gives me an indescribable contentment I have never known – at least career wise. Through my years of pursuing this dream, I have tried to write as much as possible, entered writing contests when I can, and even make outlines and deadlines for my planned novels. But nothing seemed to be working. I was stuck. More than 20 years since high school and I have nothing to show for my writing. Still, the passion for writing has never left my side. If at all, it has only kept burning brighter and brighter.

Until now. 18 years since I tried to start my own magazine business, I have finally landed my dream job. A job my soul has been longing and aching for. I am finally, at 39 years of age, an Editor-in-Chief. The biggest dream job anyone with the passion for writing could ever want. Now I can finally do what I’ve always wanted to do – to write all the time. With the added bonus of brainstorming articles with my team and editing other people’s articles. I guess you can say, I got my little slice of work heaven.

So, why am I sharing this with you? I guess I just wanted to let you know that if you have a dream, never give up on it. Never stop believing that it will come true. Undoubtedly, there will be hindrances and road blocks but instead of disheartening you, if you’re dream is big enough, it will just make you more resolved to make that dream come true. Every dream is worth pursuing. Especially one that burns your soul and keeps you wanting for more. If you have the kind of passion for something that engulfs your whole being, follow it and never stray from that path. Sure, you will have your doubts. Everyone will. But the difference with the passionate people and people who half-heartedly want something is that whenever the doubts come, passionate people do not let it derail them. Sure, it will make them want to give up but only in thoughts. After a while, they will get up, shake the dust off, and go back on the path towards their dreams again. Be that person. Dream big, have courage, and pray. Someday, it will come true just as long as you work hard enough and never let go of your dream. Also, believe in yourself.

Go on, chase your dream. Dream big and have courage. Dreams really do come true, sometimes it just takes a while so be patient and stay on the path. And whatever happens, never, ever give up.

Faith of the Heart


Mountains, hills,

streams, and banks

they all block the way


keep going

keep moving,

you’ll be

pushing mountains

before you know it.


Never give up,

rest if you must;

every journey counts

every trek is worthwhile

keep the fire burning

keep the waves alive

you’ll be finished soon enough,

success will be yours

if you keep at it.


Live, love, laugh

rejoice, cry, jump

all these you will feel

all these you will know

as long as you go on

as long as you walk on

then great things will come

believe and it will be.


Trust yourself,

trust your dream

it is hard

it is painful

life always is;

don’t let it keep you down

fight with everything you’ve got

then you’ll reach your goals

then you’ll reach your star.


Her mind wanders


misty waterfalls

tranquil waters

the tips of her fingers


touch the grass

as thoughts

descend upon her

like wispy clouds

on turquoise skies

she sighs deeply,


what was

was a lesson,


a joy and a pain

what was

was a gift

that led her


today’s dream.

Golden Cage


bird blue

looking up

at the stars,

“How I wish

I could fly,

fly high


the twinkling lights,”

she hoped.



bird blue



the meadow,

“How I wish

I could

frolic on

the sweet

green grass,


the first

dew drop,”

she prayed.



bird blue

stealing glances

at other


“How I wish

I could

soar with them

towards the



the falls,”

she yearned.



bird blue

all day

she dreams

of things

she’ll never have


her house,

all shiny

and big.

Never Alone

It was all so sudden. Aileen still feels like she is in a nightmare.

“May God welcome him into his kingdom…” Fr. Valdez looked sober enough while saying those words but was all those true?

Memories of the past flooded her mind. They were coming home from the grad ball. The sky was sparkling with stars; the wind was warm enough to excite the senses but had a bit of a chill for some cuddling with that special person. It was one of those nights that people read in books and watched in movies.

Next week was the graduation but it was not the only reason why her spirits were up. That night, under the diamonds of the sky, Jeff proposed and she accepted.

She wanted to decline at first but looking in his eyes she saw her future and all else faded. This is her destiny. Then, in a horrid twist of fate, she was robbed.

“Why did he have to arrive at the exact moment we made a turn?” Aileen wondered aloud. Her voice was full of hatred and tears welled in her eyes.

“It was that damned drivers fault. Him and his damn truck and damn alcohol.” Aileen said as she absent-mindedly beat the gravestone with the flowers she brought. Hopelessly, she lay next to it and tenderly traced Jeff’s name.

Tonight was the same night as last year but now, she’s alone. All alone with no one to comfort her. Weeping silently, she gazed at the stars twinkling brightly at her. She hated those stars; their seeming cheerfulness feels like they’re mocking her.

Suddenly at the corner of her eyes she saw something different. It glowed brighter than the rest but something in it seemed to comfort her. It felt like it was watching over her as if it were her very own star.

“The north star,” a voice behind her said.

Aileen carefully stood up and smiled at Mang Pedro, the cemetery caretaker.

“The north star is the brightest of all the stars,” he continued. “It doesn’t sparkle that much but it offers comfort to those in grief.”

Aileen stared at it, feeling hope surge through her for the first time since the tragedy. “Could it be my star?” she shyly asked. “My guiding light?”

Mang Pedro smiled sympathetically and lightly touched Jeff’s gravestone. “It can be anything you want.” Winking, he turned around and headed towards his cottage.

Aileen sighed and looked back at the once nameless star. She still feels empty inside but the star was starting to warm her heart. She knew now – she will never be alone again.