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Hi everyone! If you like my poems, you might want to have a collection of my poems through my book UNMASKED. If you want to have a copy, just check my Home Page for the details or you can email me at moonlightreflections@gmail.com. You can also grab a copy of it on Amazon. Just search UNMASKED Genevieve Wisen or just click the word Amazon, it will bring you directly to the page. Thanks and stay safe.


God said


I lost hope

I lost faith

I got tired of fighting,

tired of standing


But God looked down

He stood firm

He stood tall

never give up, He said

I am with you all the way


This is just a trial,

just a challenge

life always throws curveballs

catch them and throw them back


Together we will face this

together we will win

for you are never alone,

even if sometimes it seems like you are.