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The Road

asphalt road and mountains with foggy nature landscape at sunset

You will get lost

your way, you will not find

your path will be too long

the end will be hard to find;


Doubts and fears will eat you up

anxiety will fill your head

your heart will be empty of hope

sadness will be your guide;


But you will keep going

You will walk on and stand tall

it may be a never-ending journey

but nothing ever lasts.


Fight yourself if you have to,

look for calm and breathe

the fog will eventually lift,

the mist will then part;

a new joy you will see

your mind and heart will be renewed.


Remember you are never alone

the only difference is the story

hold on and stay true

and you will see

you never did lose anything,

everything is okay.


Faith of the Heart


Mountains, hills,

streams, and banks

they all block the way


keep going

keep moving,

you’ll be

pushing mountains

before you know it.


Never give up,

rest if you must;

every journey counts

every trek is worthwhile

keep the fire burning

keep the waves alive

you’ll be finished soon enough,

success will be yours

if you keep at it.


Live, love, laugh

rejoice, cry, jump

all these you will feel

all these you will know

as long as you go on

as long as you walk on

then great things will come

believe and it will be.


Trust yourself,

trust your dream

it is hard

it is painful

life always is;

don’t let it keep you down

fight with everything you’ve got

then you’ll reach your goals

then you’ll reach your star.



in darkness


in shadows

my true self

slowly emerges;

once shy




gaining confidence

the world

is mine

to explore,



a hundred dreams within

I know

I will reach

my goal.



to breathe,

to reach out,

to live

my journey

has just started

on a road

full of

endless possibilities.

Happy New Year!!! ^_^

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy, Happy, Happy New Year! May this year bring all of us more success, happiness, peace, and love. May God shower us all with more blessings than we could ever imagine.

Thank you for joining me in my journey in the literary world. I hope you’ll continue to support me in the years to come, I really do appreciate it. I promise to work on more books that are full of of inspiration and moral values but are also high on the entertainment factor. Thank you so much. Again, happy new year and God bless ^_^