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Love is…


Love is kind

it is never mean.

Love is unconditional,

as deep as a well.

Love is patient,

it waits in the wings.

Love is thoughtful,

it is never just “I”.


Love is and what will be;

Love will always be around.

Have faith, stand tall

never give up

for love will always be there.


You may seem defeated

You may seem depressed


Love in all its forms

will always lift you up;

just open your heart

and keep your eyes peeled,

Love is always around the bend!


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!


My Loves


Whenever you smile

whenever you laugh

my life is worthwhile

my life becomes complete


My two greatest blessings

my two greatest loves,

you fill my heart with joy

my world is full


Together you are perfect,

together I overflow

I pray to God

this never shatters,

my wonderful world filled with

toddler shrieks

and daddy talks.

A Mother’s Heart


Before I had my son, I didn’t know I could love as much as I do now. Friends kept asking me, “What changed?” and during my son’s early months, I couldn’t answer them. I think the change came gradually. Before I knew it, everything that I did was because of my son and for my son. My thoughts and life purpose is consumed by him.

I never knew love as pure and as overwhelming as I look upon my son. He has become not only my world but my life. Sometimes when I hold him, hug and kiss him, I feel as if my heart is going to burst from so much love for him. I think all mothers would agree with me when I say that our heart has grown exponentially just to accommodate this humongous love we have and feel for our child/children. I look at my son and I could see all of my hopes and dreams in this little guy. He has become the personification of all my hopes and dreams. It’s like falling in love for the very first time. The kind of love that you discover the first time, without any pain and heartbreak.

Like all mothers, I know I will never get tired of my child. He, along with his father, is the love of my life and my world. I know nothing is perfect but my life now with my son is close to it. It doesn’t, and will never, get any better than this.

If Only

I close my eyes

rainbows and

fairies I see

imagine what

the world will be


hate and prejudice would cease

if everyone


make-up and kiss


understanding will flow,

tolerance will be everywhere.

I close my eyes

flowers and

meadows I see

imagine what

the world will be


racism and pride doesn’t exist

if everyone


hug and hold hands

and love will flow,

hope will abound.

All About Love

Hi everyone! I think every writer has a million and one ideas floating around their heads. Yes, even as they are already writing their short story, novel, or poems. I’m not any different. As I was finishing my first poetry novel, UNMASKED, a not so original idea popped into my head – why not make my second poetry novel about love? Yup, I wasn’t even sure if my first poetry novel would sell and I was already thinking about my next book. One with a not so new story idea to boot! Haha!

Anyway, I did give it some thought and as I was browsing through other poetry novels, I grew more and more reflective on the topic of love. I didn’t want my second book to be just another compilation on romantic love. As the weeks wore on, I finally came to the idea that I would indeed write about love but not just the romantic kind. I want to write about all kinds of love.

Yup, kind of ambitious isn’t it? Well, as they say, always reach for the moon, even if you miss you’ll be among the stars 😉 In a nutshell, my second poetry book will be about love in all its forms – unrequited, romantic, enduring, family love, the love we give ourselves, and the love for nature and humanity – and the feelings it evokes.

Hopefully, I will be up to the challenge. As with all my writing projects, I am very excited with this one and I hope you will continue to be with me in this new journey. ^_^

A Coward’s Foray



who made me


in love again


my wounded heart

showed me

the path

to ever after

once more,


who made me

laugh and love

with my

whole heart again


who made me

the way

I was once more –


broke my heart


it to pieces


have never


lonelier than now

as I feel

love slowly

fade away,

to be

the person

I was

when we met.


was I


to think,

to hope?


is nothing

but a game,

a gamble,

a risk


I am

but a



at the