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In a river of tears,

with mind, body, soul

engulfed in sadness

I will wash away your loneliness

I will clean all your troubles

Love will lead you back

one day when you are ready

my arms are waiting

my heart is anticipating your return

Let your spirit fly free

up in the clouds

soaring and playing in the wind

until you rest in my bosoms

all happy and content

Come to me and let us bask in this oneness

sorrow and loneliness are all gone

all that’s left is love

be ready, don’t be afraid

unleash your soul

take what’s yours.


It is a butterfly

ever changing

evolving at will

yet beautiful as always

It can change your life

if you let it,

if you will

Hold on tight

it’s a wild ride

you’ll gloriously drown

or sometimes

just get drunk

It is painful

it is decadent

passionate, languorous

it’s a little slice of heaven

it’s what makes living


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My Husband’s Love


Love often comes in unexpected and mysterious ways. There are times no matter how much we search for it, we fail in finding it. But stop searching and it will come. That’s exactly what happened to me so many years ago. I was on an online dating site, searching for the love of my life. Unfortunately, most of the men I contacted either ignored me or turned out to be total jerks. I was about to give up but I gave it one last shot when I saw a cute photo of a guy. Without thinking twice, I clicked on this photo and sent a message. Before I knew it, he replied to me and the rest is history. Yes, at the point when I was about to give up, love decided to smile upon me and finally give me what I was longing for. My husband.

My husband though, came at a time when I was not that serious with love. I know, I was looking for love but I wasn’t quite serious about it, a bit confusing huh? Well, let’s go back to a few years before all this happened. I got my heart not just broken but slashed twice in a row. After that, all the guys I ever dated were only interested in one thing – sex. So you could understand if I wanted to find a guy who will truly love me but at the same time I was also cynical. Then came my future husband.

He was everything I wanted but never thought I could have – he was attentive, he was patient, he was thoughtful, he was understanding, he was kind, and he loved me with all his heart. No, he wasn’t perfect but he was perfect for me. Unfortunately, at that point in my life I didn’t appreciate nor realize this. I actually, dare I say it, took him for granted. At the very start of our relationship I suddenly stopped communicating with him only to feel so guilty about it that I sent him a message a few weeks later, apologizing for it and explaining why I did it. He, with all his goodness, took me right back in. But that wasn’t the end of it. Through the course of our relationship, there were times when I’d tell him I needed space or a breather to find myself. He would lovingly comply with my wishes. Always, I’d end back running to him after just a few weeks. I guess I loved him so much too but I just didn’t realize it then. During those times, I wasn’t that serious with love. I thought love was just a game. Sad to say, he was the unwitting victim. But he stayed with me through all this.

There was a time though when he thought I cheated on him and he regretted being so attentive to me. I was very hurt then, as if a knife pierced through my heart. I was deeply hurt that I hurt him. I think that was the time I realized how much I loved him. After that, I became serious. I took our relationship seriously. And I loved him with all my heart.

My husband doesn’t remember this incident though. I guess that’s one part of love that I really like and that is love is forgetting and forgiving with everything you’ve got. With love, you don’t hold on to grudges or the wrong things your partner did. You talk about it, ask for forgiveness and move on. Love is never about keeping a record of the things you did wrong.

Fast forward to 2015 we finally got married and are now together for the rest of our 105lives.

So why did I write about this? I guess I just wanted you all to know that love is resilient. No matter how much hurt we receive from loving, no matter how much pain we suffer from loving, it will still always be there and it will only grow stronger as time goes by. I guess I wanted you all to know that love is not the one to blame but the unfortunate pairings we get because maybe we rushed into a relationship or we needed to learn something that’s why that relationship happened. But please never give up. Your happily ever after is in the wings, still waiting to happen.

Love is and will always be the best thing that will ever happen to us. It just takes time to find it. Don’t let a painful relationship harden your heart like what it almost did to me. Always have hope that maybe next time, it will be the last time. Don’t let an ugly relationship kill your dreams. Nurture that wish in your heart that your partner is just one step away and you’ll get to him or her. Love is all the hopes, dreams, and wishes in our hearts and let it strengthen your resolve to find that one partner who may not be perfect but is perfect for us alone. It will happen. Just keep believing and praying. Your forever after is just around the corner.

My Angel


You gave me hope

when everything

has been lost,

my heart was stone

my soul was dark

you were the light

your love was my beacon


You gave my direction

when everything was everywhere

I was lost

I was confused

you were the compass

your patience was my star


Your time

revived me

refreshed me like no other

helped me find my way

to the arms of love


You saved me

a world of turmoil

was all I knew

you brought order to chaos


the end of the tunnel I saw

like the missing piece of a puzzle

you completed me,

made me whole.

Faith of the Heart


Mountains, hills,

streams, and banks

they all block the way


keep going

keep moving,

you’ll be

pushing mountains

before you know it.


Never give up,

rest if you must;

every journey counts

every trek is worthwhile

keep the fire burning

keep the waves alive

you’ll be finished soon enough,

success will be yours

if you keep at it.


Live, love, laugh

rejoice, cry, jump

all these you will feel

all these you will know

as long as you go on

as long as you walk on

then great things will come

believe and it will be.


Trust yourself,

trust your dream

it is hard

it is painful

life always is;

don’t let it keep you down

fight with everything you’ve got

then you’ll reach your goals

then you’ll reach your star.

Toddler Lessons


My darling baby Jace is turning 3 on Sunday, March 3, and I find myself getting sentimental at how grown up he has become. It seems just like yesterdy that I gave birth to him and now he’s running all over the place and talking up a storm.

Now that he is a toddler, I can’t help but look in awe at all the milestones he has gone through. From walking to speaking to doing things on his own such as putting away his toys. He now understands us more than he ever did when we talk to him. And he is now more aware of the world around him.

Toddlers, in all their awesomeness and naughtiness mixed with lots of charm and adorableness can be a handful but if you look close enough, there are life lessons that our toddlers can teach us. Some things we already know but have lost along the way in the process of growing up.

It can take us by surprise, these lessons they impart on us but they are all worth it to be able to share this journey with them. Jace, in all his tantrums and playfulness have thought me a lot of valuable lessons about life that I know I should already know but I really don’t or really don’t fully understood until I saw it through the eyes of a 2 years old.

1. Be in the moment

Anytime Jace eats or plays, I notice that he is focused on doing these things alone. His playtime or his eating time. He doesn’t get distracted by anything, even if it’s his favorite person calling for him. He is just there, enjoying wht he is doing until he is done with it. Looking at him, I have realized that in the chaotic world of adulthood, I often get distracted by a number of thimgs that I usually leave what I’m doing half-baked. As a result, I never get to enjoy the task at hand as there is another thing I seem to need to do. Looking at Jace, I realized that I just have to pace myself and focus on what I am currently doing. I realized that I should not let distractions take me away from what I am doing so I will finish it quicker.

2. Express yourself

Jace, as a 2 year old, has epic tantrums. I swear, the whole neighborhood can hear his cries and sobs. I don’t know exactly what sets hims off but sometime it can be as silly as not being able to catch a bubble with his toy claw. He is not shy about it, he will let out a humongous sob and cry his dear little heart out. Yeah, I know it can be annoying, maybe even irritating but upon relfection, Jace is just letting out his feelings. His feelings of annoyance, frustration, anger, or joy as when he jumps up and down and claps his little chubby hands when he gets somehting he likes. He is not shy at all to express his emotions. And I have learned that I shouldn’t too. Growing up, I have slowly been indoctrinated to keep my feelings in check. That is, shouldn’t let it show that much or people will think your strange or weird. However, bottling your feelings inside you isn’t good at all too. It can lead to many mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. So from now on, I think I’m going to be more like my son. Of course I won’t go as much as throw a tantrum when I don’t get what I want but I will surely, but politely, let my feelings be known.

3. Determination

Many times have I been thwarted by my enemy – resignation – when I do something and after a couple of times of doing it I keep failing. I just fling my arms into the air and give up. I mean, I did try it a lot of times already, right? If it’s gonna fail, it’s gonna fail. Or so I thought. My son, who is a box full of determination never gives up. He tries to attach his tiny toy car to his tow track and it keeps falling but he keeps doing the same thing over and over again, without fail. I, already getting frustrated for him, wish that he’d just give up but no, he keeps pusing through. Finally, on the nth try, the tiny car attaches to the tow track. My son was determined to do it and he did. That really hit home with me. It made me think that maybe instead of throwing in the towel, I should just keep pushing through because maybe I’m going to faill 99 times but succeed on the 100 time.

4. Unconditional Love

There are times when it is so hard to love my partner, parent, or even my child but Jace has taught me the beauty of unconditional love. Jace’s love for all of us shines through him and makes him glow. He always has his arms wide for a hug, his mouth is always turned into a smile, and his opennes to just accept anyone of us astounds me. I mean, there are times when we scold him, berate him, and sometimes yell at him because we are at our wit’s end because he is being too much but he doesn’t take it to heart. I think he know we are not perfect, we get irritated at times but he still loves us no matter what. With this, Jace has taught me to look beyond imperfections and just concentrate on the love I share with my partner, my parents, and my child. Without even trying to, my son has taught me the beauty of understanding where people are coming from so I won’t be that irritated anymore and to just accept them for who they are and love them.

5. Patience

I’ve lost my patience a number of times but looking at Jace, he has reminded me how it is to be patient. Jace, in his littleness, has learned how to patiently wait while his drink is being made, or while his favorite motorcycle is being recharged, or while his food is cooling down. He doesn’t frown or pout but silently sits in one corner and waits until everything is done. He even patiently waits for his Papa or his Daddy even when he’s itching to go already and they’re being slow. Something that have always annoyed me to no end. But Jace has taught me stop and slow down. He has taught me that not all things should be rushed. I should enjoy the slowness of things sometimes for it is in this slowness that we become connected to ourselves.

My son may still be all of 2 years old but the life lessons he has taught me has already reverberated into my being. He is growing up fast and I am getting heartsick about it but looking forward, I know he will remind me of the many things I have forgotten as I grew up, as much as I will teach him the beauty of life. Through his eyes, everything will be more colorful and through his love, everything will be fun. Yes, he is turning 3 on Sunday and yes, he is fast becoming a big boy but that big boy will forever be my baby and have my heart.


Love is…


Love is kind

it is never mean.

Love is unconditional,

as deep as a well.

Love is patient,

it waits in the wings.

Love is thoughtful,

it is never just “I”.


Love is and what will be;

Love will always be around.

Have faith, stand tall

never give up

for love will always be there.


You may seem defeated

You may seem depressed


Love in all its forms

will always lift you up;

just open your heart

and keep your eyes peeled,

Love is always around the bend!


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!

My Loves


Whenever you smile

whenever you laugh

my life is worthwhile

my life becomes complete


My two greatest blessings

my two greatest loves,

you fill my heart with joy

my world is full


Together you are perfect,

together I overflow

I pray to God

this never shatters,

my wonderful world filled with

toddler shrieks

and daddy talks.

A Mother’s Heart


Before I had my son, I didn’t know I could love as much as I do now. Friends kept asking me, “What changed?” and during my son’s early months, I couldn’t answer them. I think the change came gradually. Before I knew it, everything that I did was because of my son and for my son. My thoughts and life purpose is consumed by him.

I never knew love as pure and as overwhelming as I look upon my son. He has become not only my world but my life. Sometimes when I hold him, hug and kiss him, I feel as if my heart is going to burst from so much love for him. I think all mothers would agree with me when I say that our heart has grown exponentially just to accommodate this humongous love we have and feel for our child/children. I look at my son and I could see all of my hopes and dreams in this little guy. He has become the personification of all my hopes and dreams. It’s like falling in love for the very first time. The kind of love that you discover the first time, without any pain and heartbreak.

Like all mothers, I know I will never get tired of my child. He, along with his father, is the love of my life and my world. I know nothing is perfect but my life now with my son is close to it. It doesn’t, and will never, get any better than this.

If Only

I close my eyes

rainbows and

fairies I see

imagine what

the world will be


hate and prejudice would cease

if everyone


make-up and kiss


understanding will flow,

tolerance will be everywhere.

I close my eyes

flowers and

meadows I see

imagine what

the world will be


racism and pride doesn’t exist

if everyone


hug and hold hands

and love will flow,

hope will abound.