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Shipping Woes!

As I get ready to sell my books, I have been quite busy sending complimentary copies to friends, relatives, and starting next week, the winners of my giveaway raffle. Imagine my disappointment when I learned yesterday that LBC won’t ship my mini magnetic bookmark along with my book to the US. I just got off the phone with them and they won’t even give me a concrete answer. Hence, I started looking for other shipping companies that will accept my (literally) mini bookmark (if I only knew where FedEx in Shopwise relocated). After calling LBC to confirm the sad news, I called 2GO and DHL. I hit the jackpot with DHL 😀 The customer service agent I talked to was a Mr. Elbert and he was so gracious and kind enough to listen to my despair and told me that they will ship my magnetic bookmark. I asked him if I won’t have anymore problems with it when I go to one of their branches and he assured me that it will be ok and if any issue comes up then I should tell the agents there to call their hotline and talk to him. Yehey! I felt like I got an angel in him, though I don’t deserve any angels lately. Haha.

Giveaway Raffle – How to Join ^_^

Hi everyone! A number of people has sent me a PM on my FB page asking how exactly to join so here are the steps and photos. Also, this raffle is open to everyone, anywhere in the world. Good luck! ^_^
1. Go to the Home page
2. Cick on “a Rafflecopter giveaway”
3. Once on the Rafflecopter site, either sign in with your FB account OR name and email address
4. Click on “Invent Your Own Option”
5. Follow the instructions written there then click enter 😉


This is the page where you have to click “Like” AND comment on BEFORE clicking Enter


Book Giveaway Raffle

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! ^_^ I am hosting a Book Giveaway Raffle for UNMASKED (through Rafflecopter) starting today, July 5 until July 31. Just click on Home to see the post and participate. All it requires is for you to click “Like” AND Comment on my post entitled August 2015 ^_^ then click Enter. I hope you’ll join the raffle. Good luck! ^_^


Hello everyone! Let me first say, thank you very much for sharing my excitement in the release of my book. I never expected this and I am very grateful. In lieu of this, I am hosting a book giveaway on Sunday so please be on the look out for it. Up for grabs are a signed copy of UNMASKED, a 13 inch cow plushie, and a mini magnetic bookmark ^_^

Final Update :D

Hi!!! My poetry novel book is finally going to be sent to the printers on June 6. I am delighted to be entering this phase as my book has gone into limbo for the past months. If it has legs, it has left me already for being ignored. I literally put it in the backseat. 😛 But now I am back and overflowing with ideas. 😀 😀 😀 First, the book cover. I asked my friend Sho Labaco at repolyo.wordpress.com to draw my book cover as he is the only artist I have known for years who already knew my sometimes (?) vicious mood swings. Hence, I know I can be as demanding & temperamental as only I can be and he won’t take offense. Hahaha 😛 Here is the first concept for my book cover: First Concept of Book Cover Second concept: Cow book cover The final book cover: Book Cover Aside from this, I have also talked to Pillow Me (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pillow-Me/143156795733234) and asked them to make a cow pillow that I will be giving out to my first 100 readers. I also contacted PhotoPrints (http://www.photoprintsph.com/) for my personalized Magnetic Bookmarks that I will be giving away with my book. On Sunday, I am planning to go to uEDGE SM North Edsa (http://www.uedge.ph/) to have my author business cards made. I have spent many a sleepless nights on this topic but according to some articles I read, authors do need business cards so off I go to uEDGE. I can hardly wait for June 6, especially when my book is ready to be marketed. Until then, there will be at least two more updates ^_^