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Morning Thoughts

More and more, the so-called “third sex” rights is gaining a lot of momentum and it is hard for most people, me included, to easily accept it mainly because of what our Holy Book (Bible, Quran, etc.) say. How do we stay true to our beliefs but at the same time respect the LGBT community? I find it hard and painful to also accept that just because a person is gay/lesbian then they are immediately condemned to hell. I have friends who are gay/lesbians and they are the best people I have ever known, the truest friends I have ever had. Furthermore, I find it hard to accept that my God, the God who taught me through Jesus to be compassionate and tolerant, would be so cold hearted to those belonging to the LGBT community. I guess, as my mom would say, in the end, it is up to God to say who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, not us. All we can do is love and respect every living thing in this world and keep praying that He will always guide us to do what is right according to Him – not according to any person on earth who most of the times twists the Holy Book’s words for personal gain.