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Since I started my blog, a number of people have sent me messages asking what exactly is my niche. Why is there a lot of categories in my blog? Shouldn’t there be just one category – if it’s poetry then it should all just be poetry, not a smorgasbord of different writing genres. I beg to differ.

My blog is what it is. It is a reflection of who I am, both as a person and as a writer. I had trouble fitting in since I was young, not for lack of trying but I never really got along well with people. I was always the odd one out and the fact that it didn’t bother me that much made me the weird one. I’d be a hypocrite though if I said it didn’t make me sad, of course it did but I did not dwell on it. Just like me, my blog does not and will never fit in. It is the lone wolf-the odd one out. It was created for the sole purpose of sharing my writing, a big part of myself, to the world. And because I enjoy different types of writing then that’s what people now see: articles, poems, random thoughts, essays, short stories, and book ideas.

I guess all I want to say is, if someone passionately loves to write then they shouldn’t limit themselves to just one genre. They can concentrate on poetry or novel writing if that’s what they want but that shouldn’t stop them as well from exploring article writing or short story writing. Kind of like an actor who focuses on making movies but does not shy away from starring in tv shows once in a while or in a theatre play. As a writer, one should also explore every niche to quench one’s imagination and creativity.

I believe that writing as an art form should be freeing, not limiting and in that sense I am proud that my blog reflects my belief even if it does confuse others. As the old adage goes, “Write for yourself”, because only then will you be able to write well 😉

Finally Available! :D


Hi everyone! I guess by now you have seen my static page, but if not and you just clicked this post from your email then you can somewhat guess what I mean by the title!

Yes, my poetry novel, UNMASKED is finally available! You may purcahse them at central.com.ph, sulitbooks.com, or through me by sending me a private message at my FB page. If you’re going to purchase the book through me, I’ll throw in a free mini bookmark, a thank you card, and a cow plushie but I must warn you, you won’t pay for the book but you will pay for the shipping if you are living abroad. The reason for this is the shipping is unfortunately more expensive than the book itself thus the freebies. On the practical side, I guess it’s better to just purchase the book on either of the two sites.

Thanks for all your support! I really appreciate it. I hope you’ll grab a copy of my book and enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. ^_^

An Update on Me ^_^

Hi everyone! Although I have only been absent for a month, a lot has changed since then. As they say, change will always be the only constant thing in life. What has changed so far, you ask? There’s really been only one but it’s a big one. Way back in July, I found out I was pregnant. Yup, barely 3 months into my marriage and I was already going to be a mom after nine months. That brought on a barrage of mixed emotions. I was scared, nervous, shocked, happy, and a bit excited all at once. My husband was, to say the least, surprised as well. Since then, all my plans for selling and marketing my book, updating my blog, and working on my other books all went out the window as I struggled to accept this development. Five months into my pregnancy I am still nervous about being a mother, the big question that bugs me is if I will be a good enough mom to this precious bundle of joy especially since I am not ready (let’s face it though, who can say they really were?). But I have come to accept the way my life keeps turning out, full of surprises, love, and laughter. It definitely makes life colorful and worth living so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of the drawbacks to this pregnancy is I can’t take my bipolar medications so I have been having attacks for the past few months, luckily with my husband by my side, I can manage it most days. Another thing is, I have found myself not being able to write anything – not even a single stanza of a poem for my second book. Hence, the absence here.

Patience is the key though, I know as with all the other times I have suffered from my manic attacks and writer’s block that I will bounce back. Stronger than before. So this is me, trying to bounce back slowly but determinedly. I can’t wait to update my blog again and finally sell my poetry book UNMASKED. I hope you guys didn’t get tired waiting for me.

Talk to you again soon,


Hello everyone! Let me first say, thank you very much for sharing my excitement in the release of my book. I never expected this and I am very grateful. In lieu of this, I am hosting a book giveaway on Sunday so please be on the look out for it. Up for grabs are a signed copy of UNMASKED, a 13 inch cow plushie, and a mini magnetic bookmark ^_^

Extra Poems

Here are two poems that were supposed to be part of the poetry novel but didn’t push through because they were buried beneath all my written drafts and I just found them yesterday while cleaning my desk. If they were found earlier, they would have formed part of UNMASKED’s first part, Pathos.

I’m the girl,
the one who’s always lost
the one with the fake smile;
the girl who seems to be so strong.
That girl who’s always there
and seems to have no problems of her own
the one who holds back tears,
until she’s all aone.

a place of rest I’ve tried to find
aching in my heart, chaos in my mind
this place is poison to my soul
can’t take much more, I’m losing control

Final Update :D

Hi!!! My poetry novel book is finally going to be sent to the printers on June 6. I am delighted to be entering this phase as my book has gone into limbo for the past months. If it has legs, it has left me already for being ignored. I literally put it in the backseat. 😛 But now I am back and overflowing with ideas. 😀 😀 😀 First, the book cover. I asked my friend Sho Labaco at repolyo.wordpress.com to draw my book cover as he is the only artist I have known for years who already knew my sometimes (?) vicious mood swings. Hence, I know I can be as demanding & temperamental as only I can be and he won’t take offense. Hahaha 😛 Here is the first concept for my book cover: First Concept of Book Cover Second concept: Cow book cover The final book cover: Book Cover Aside from this, I have also talked to Pillow Me (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pillow-Me/143156795733234) and asked them to make a cow pillow that I will be giving out to my first 100 readers. I also contacted PhotoPrints (http://www.photoprintsph.com/) for my personalized Magnetic Bookmarks that I will be giving away with my book. On Sunday, I am planning to go to uEDGE SM North Edsa (http://www.uedge.ph/) to have my author business cards made. I have spent many a sleepless nights on this topic but according to some articles I read, authors do need business cards so off I go to uEDGE. I can hardly wait for June 6, especially when my book is ready to be marketed. Until then, there will be at least two more updates ^_^