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Positivity through Negativity


It’s been a while since a cartoon has been more than eye candy. Enter Milo Murphy’s Law.

Milo Murphy’s Law is a cartoon on Disney channel about an accident-prone kid named Milo who’s last name Murphy is the true embodiment of Murphy’s Law which states that, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. At first I thought it was going to be a boring show that just shows this kid having accidents every single day of his life. How entertaining can that be? Seriously, how can the writers make a good story line out of just that? Lo and behold, I was proven wrong. Really, it was my fault for underestimating my fellow writers. I should have known better.

The cartoon does show the many accidents and shenanigans Milo and his friends go through but it also shows the trust, faith, and loyalty they have for each other. It also shows some serious optimism in the form of Milo himself. I like Milo’s attitude. It’s the kind of attitude where no matter how many bad things happen, the faith is still there that everything is going to be alright in the end. His catch phrase, “I’m sure it will all work out,” is something we should all aspire to as an outlook in life. As Milo once said, “Life has a funny way of turning out okay in the end”.

How many times has a cartoon taught us something valuable about life? How many times has a cartoon transcend it’s 2D life and reflect real life at its best despite all the worst thing that can and is happening? Not since the 80’s and early 90’s (think Care Bears…yeah I know, I’m being biased here, being an 80’s kid and all! Haha!). In this day and age, it’s a dime a dozen to have shows that are not only entertaining but also teach something about life. It’s best that we pay attention.

One More and I’m Done! :D

Hello everyone! I wrote a poem a week ago and it was obvious that it should go with the rest of the poems in UNMASKED. Unfortunately I had no idea where to put it as all the poems and sketches have already been seamlessly arranged that “interrupting” even one poem or sketch is going to ruin the story. Okay, I might be exaggerating but it will surely make the story feel off.

As you all know, today’s the deadline for all my revisions as my manuscript will be sent to the printers tomorrow. Thankfully, after an hour of almost pulling at my hairs and a bit of a headache I did find a place for that miscreant poem of mine. And it tied the whole story pretty well. Here’s the poem I have been talking about. I can’t wait for all of you to read the whole book, I hope you will like it ^_^

Breaking the Circle

 A moment of sanity

all is well,

then the haze


dark clouds

hover above;

a vicious cycle



This is my life,

a part of me


entirely me;

one day I know

I will

put the shattered pieces together

I will

smile, laugh, and sing once more.