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Final Update :D

Hi!!! My poetry novel book is finally going to be sent to the printers on June 6. I am delighted to be entering this phase as my book has gone into limbo for the past months. If it has legs, it has left me already for being ignored. I literally put it in the backseat. 😛 But now I am back and overflowing with ideas. 😀 😀 😀 First, the book cover. I asked my friend Sho Labaco at repolyo.wordpress.com to draw my book cover as he is the only artist I have known for years who already knew my sometimes (?) vicious mood swings. Hence, I know I can be as demanding & temperamental as only I can be and he won’t take offense. Hahaha 😛 Here is the first concept for my book cover: First Concept of Book Cover Second concept: Cow book cover The final book cover: Book Cover Aside from this, I have also talked to Pillow Me (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pillow-Me/143156795733234) and asked them to make a cow pillow that I will be giving out to my first 100 readers. I also contacted PhotoPrints (http://www.photoprintsph.com/) for my personalized Magnetic Bookmarks that I will be giving away with my book. On Sunday, I am planning to go to uEDGE SM North Edsa (http://www.uedge.ph/) to have my author business cards made. I have spent many a sleepless nights on this topic but according to some articles I read, authors do need business cards so off I go to uEDGE. I can hardly wait for June 6, especially when my book is ready to be marketed. Until then, there will be at least two more updates ^_^