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They walk in fire

confidently, assuredly

head held high

arms outstretched;

longing for something

that can’t be seen,

longing for something that can’t be felt.


They walk on water

no hesitations,

no doubts;


as far as the eye can see


what is not there,


what is hidden.


They know it will be theirs;

they know patience,

they know trust

yearning, longing

yet waiting

always waiting.


It will come, that they know

it will arrive, that they are sure,

time is their friend

their comfort through it all.


Last Sample

Hi friends! This has been sitting on my desktop for a while now (more like months!) because I keep forgetting to post it! Haha! Here’s the last sample for my poetry novel UNMASKED. Hope you like it!

A Nomad's Trip